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1. Make sure you have a webcam (logitech ones work good)

2. Click on the print marker link to the right

3. Print the marker, or take a picture with your phone

4. Place the marker in front of the camera.. Voila Presents :

Our first Augmented Reality ( AR ) project the DaeViewer.We built this viewer in order to facilitate getting your 3D model into an AR space. We know that their are a lot of 3D designers who can model and texture like a mofo but might not know actionscript or java programing , because ..well...they usualy don't have a need for that i guess. So this is where DaeViewer steps in to play. Just click browse and select your 3D model file ( either a .3ds (3ds Max) , .md2 ( quake ) , .dae ( Colada ) or .obj (Object) file , and what ever image you want to use to tecture it and BAM! You have just been augmente! You can also take this viewer with your model with you , by using the embed feature. More features to come , hope you guys enjoy this!

If you don't have a webcam or just want to view your model with having to hold the paper , no problem. Just click on wither "switch view" if your already in the camera mode. Or click on "Aint got a webcam" at the first screen. And now the DaeViewer becomes a 3D model viewer. You can also use this mode to fine tune adjustments to your models when you are looking to create an embed code or link.



- Coordinates: Allows you to change the XYZ coordinates on the object as well as scale
If you type in the coordinates manually, click update to display changes



- Rotation: Allows you to change the rotation of the object along the XYZ axis
If you type in the rotation manually, click update to display changes


- Hold: Allows you to hold the object where it is on the screen
You can still Rotate and change the coordinates while being held
click unhold to attach the object back to the marker


- View 2D: Users can select 2 images from their computer to view in Augmented Reality
When you click view 2D, 2 browse boxes will appear; one for the front image and
one for the back image. Click browse to select and choose images from your computer. You can also set the width and height to your images.Transparency is supported... Be creative!


- View 3D: Users can view .dae ,. 3ds , .md2 , and .obj files from their computer in Augmented Reality
When you click view 3D, 2 browse boxes will appear: one for the 3D file and
one for the texture file. Click browse to select and choose your 3D file and Texture image from your computer. Right now we only support one image file per 3D model. And thats it! You can also view your model in our plain 3D Viewer by choosing "Aint got a webcam".
*Important info for DAE files:make sure you export your 3D file with the appropriate plugins


- Embed 3D and Embed 2D Modes: Users can view and embed 3d and 2d files stored on their own servers in a DaeVision viewer, given:
the permissions are set accordingly, see instructions below



1. Right click on Daedae to the right and save target (or link) as... crossdomain.xml.
This file is a cross domain policy which will allow this domain to request from your domain.
You can use this file or build your own, it is recomended to build your own ,however this
one will work fine.

2. Copy that file into the root directory of your sever.
This should satisfy the permissions required to access 3D and 2D files from you server. so it can embed and view properly

- This is only for now , soon we will have our server up and things will be different.



right click this guy for the crossdomain policy